BauBuche Flooring A revolutionary development in wooden floors. BauBuche Flooring is a natural wooden floor that shows properties which exceed anything that conventional wooden floors, hybrid products or imitations have to offer. The surface of BauBuche Flooring is telling us the story of its genesis. With only razor thin glued joints in-between the veneer layers are precisely strung to one another. The interplay of the iridescent tonal values and the calm texture of the beech wood give BauBuche Flooring a unique visual appearance. BauBuche Flooring unites the best properties of two worlds: the aesthetics and the quality of its surface combined with the efficiency of a high-tech material manufactured from beech wood. BauBuche Flooring is very robust and extremely hard (Brinell hardness HB = 38,2N/mm2).

With its extremely hard surface, BauBuche Flooring suits well for virtually all environments such as museums, schools, nurseries, offices, shops, restaurants, clubhouse, public buildings and residential buildings.

BauBuche Flooring is micro-bevelled on 4 sides and come with an all around tongue and groove connection system. The accurate and dimensionally stable wood elements offer various advantages for installing the floor. They can be glued directly on screed as well as nailed onto
appropriate. Baubuche Flooring is pre-finished with environmentally-friendly UV Lacquer and available naturally coloured or varnished with premium-quality colours in different nuances.