Portable System

System Components
  1. 22x498x1830mm floor boards; (1/2) 22x498x915mm floor boards + batten
  2. polythene moisture barrier sheet
  3. CANICA ventilated skirting

This is a portable sports flooring system. The floor board panels are pre-fabrication by nailed the floor boards to the batten base, it is a easy way to install and dismantle on site.

Suitable for all sports use, temporary or permanent.

Construction height is 50mm.

Performance Criteria DIN 18032-2 Standards EN 14904:A4 Standards Canica-BATTEN FLEX test results
Ball Rebound min 90% min 90% 99%
Sliding Properties 0.4 to 0.6 80-110 96
Force Reduction min 53% 55-57% 44%
Vertical Deformation min 2.3mm 2.3mm-5.00mm 1.9mm
Rolling Load 1500N; No cracking, damage and indentation greater than 0.5mm 1500N; No cracking and damage was shown; measurement 0.15mm 1500N; No cracking and damage was shown; measurement 0.4mm
Point Load Test None None Test load 6000N (i.e. 600kg) on an area of 100x100mm. No Cracking nor damage was shown