CLIP System

System Components
  1. 22 x129 x1830/3700mm floor boards
  2. CANICA clips
  3. Header joint adhesive
  4. 10mm thick foam
  5. polythene moisture barrier sheet
  6. CANICA ventilated skirting

This is a floating system. The floor boards are laid floating on an fitted over existing old flooring and is suited for renovation projects which need low construction height.

Suitable for small sports hall, dance, fitness, yoga and refurbishment. Construction height is 32mm. Canica ventilated skirting is recommended.

Performance Criteria DIN 18032-2 Standards EN 14904:A4 Standards Canica-CLIP test results
Ball Rebound min 90% min 90% 96.41%
Sliding Properties 0.4 to 0.6 80-110 0.53 / 87
Force Reduction min 53% 55-57% 54%
Vertical Deformation min 2.3mm 2.3mm-5.00mm 2.35mm
Rolling Load 1500N; No cracking, damage and indentation greater than 0.5mm 1500N; No cracking and damage was shown; measurement 0.15mm 1500N; No cracking and damage was shown; measurement 0.25mm
Point Load Test None None Test load 6000N (i.e. 600kg) on an area of 100x100mm. No Cracking nor damage was shown