WPC Decking

CANICA WPC Decking is made of low-carbon eco-friendly protective polyvinyl plastic and wood powder through special technology (e.g. Extrusion, Injection, Mould Pressing, etc.)

CANICA WPC is water-proof and the water-absorption rate only counts for 2%-5%. Our formula contains UV-resistant ingredient, and the weather proof ability performs 7-10 times better than natural timber products. Besides, its rigidity and load-capacity is much better than plastic material and its thermal expansion and contraction is far less than whole-steel or whole-plastic materials. Also, its malleability is primal compared with timber, steel, plastic products. CANICA has a complete range of products including comprehensive sizes, moulds or different accessories for your selection. We could tailor-make according to your specific requirements and the finished products are easy to assemble, and the following maintenance cost always keeps at the lowest level compared with the products on the market.